Player Profiles

                                                                    Player Profiles

Ash Cooksley

Ash Hails from Brissy with a huge Touch Background as well as lots of swimming and Water Polo. Also Rowed for the Vikings last year with Chook Wilding. Hoping to get a crew from these girls this year to jump in with her. Busy studying at Griffith and teaching kids to swim. Brought her 14 year old sister Chloe down for a run the last 2 events as well. Sportiness must run in the family.

Bree Wilson

Breeza. One of the originals and one of the toughest is Breeza. She revels in the contact does this girl. Just grits her teeth and charges on in. More often than not she gets through and sets up some one running off her. Has a background in Soccer and Nippers. Greatest attitude has a goal of being the “Super Sub” instead of training her butt off. Does great with that. Just great having her around the joint.

Calla North

Calla, what can you say about this girl. It’s so hard to believe this is her first year at 7’s with the Alleygators. Takes all the right options, seems to have a ton of time with everything she does. Is physical, fast and skilful and still just 16. Outrageous really. Big background in touch and Dad coaches Senior Rugby on the Gold Coast so been around Rugby most of her life.

Elissa Cartwright

You just witnessed Elissa's very first game of 7's. Been a long time coming, what with study at SCU and injury, and holidays, never thought the day would come. A natural athlete that’s studying Sports and stuff. Will do well no doubt at all.

Emma Johnson

Em's a local girl, Elanora High school. Another one of these clever girls that has represented Australia in OzTag, so also knows her way around the footy field. Nothing seems to phase Em, always has a grin on her face. Even when she gets busted, she grins and carries on. One of those toughies.

Freeda Roberts

Unfortunately Freeda also backs the Blues, well at least she backs the Warratahs, same difference. That happens when you’re from NSW I suppose. Freeda quietly dropped in one day from SCU and asked if she could play. Well let me tell you, she can play. Very direct and physical when needed and great hands when the time is right also. No idea where she got these skills as she has only said 3 words since she arrived. Glad she is in Alleygators colours.

Jac Everett Mars

Jac's very first year at Rugby and loving it. One of the SCU connections we have. Even got mum down to come and have a run. Didn't quite get there though. Originally from Vic but grew up around the world. Different countries, different years. Known for her cupcakes she brought to her first game. Sensational. Hangs tough out in the middle though and just loving it. 

Jess Elliston

The quietest most demure of all. Is known for her Angry Eyebrows with Ball in hand. Has a huge pass both sides, steps like a staircase and tackles like a girl. All the attributes you need for Rugby 7's. Brought up on Touch, Track and Field and Nippers now moved to Rugby. Is about 3 kg's away from Bench Pressing her own weight and can throw down 50 push ups and 100 sit ups at any given time. Played for Qld U18's and Qld QAS Opens against China. One of the original Ladygators.

Lauren Edwards

Unfortunately Loz comes from Newcastle and backs the Blues. Probably too young to remember the Blues winning a series. 2nd year at Alleygators. Last year represented Aus in Oztag. Has a great Footy head and knows where the footy needs to go. Apparently thinking about becoming a Qlder

Lily Dick

Still but a pup. At 16, Lily pretty much dominates with her speed and Rugby Nowse. Electric with Ball in hand and a female version of David Pocock over the ball. Has played for Qld U18's and against Chinese international Team. Currently in the Australian U18 Train on squad so pops down to Sydney on regular basis for training camps. Sports Background is Nippers, Track and Field and pretty much anything else she wants to do, she does well.

Nikki Berryman

Nikki, what a champion. The glue that holds the place together. Nikki’s one of the Originals. Has a background in Touch, Athletics and Surfing. Loves the beach and the open water does Nikki. Just ask her. If there is someone being staunch on the other side, Nikki sorts it. She has speed, good hands and great defence. Reads the game really well and has this smile that never leaves her face. Loves playing and the girls love having her around. 

Selena Tranter

Selena has played a bit. In fact she is still playing. Currently selected for the Qld side for the Women State of Origin in the NRL, through the Burleigh Bears. Helped set up and coached the Ladygators in 2014. Has played 7's and 15's for her State (QLD) and Country more times than any other Wallaroo. As George Gregan and Richie Macaw are the most capped players for their country's, Selena has been that for the Wallaroos. As well as doing the whole 7's thing. Has been and won world Cups, 7's series and drives the game forward continually. Our whole series, The Tranter Cup is named after Sel in Recognition to all her efforts and achievements. Also married to Dave, Bouncer Tranter, One of Alleygators not so old Old Boys. And bringing up a couple of Mini Rugby Players, Lily and Will.

Trinity Mamoe

It’s hard to believe Trin has just turned 17. No idea where she’s been taught to tackle, but man she is good. Mind you, her kicking’s not bad, and her passing, and her reading of play, and her running. Ok, she can do it all. Has a background in touch and athletics. Does an alright Running man too. She is that keen she comes down from Pac Pines Every Wednesday for Training and has got her Dad to jump into the Toothless Gators for a run while she trains. Great Stuff. At 16 last year, made her debut for Qld in the Open Women’s section. Not bad huh.